About Us

The Beginning
Kenneth and Jeffrey Zund established Kenneth Zund Realty Associates, Inc. in 1985, at a time when rental rates in many New York City buildings were less than $20.00 per square foot, offers and counter-offers were hand-delivered, not faxed or e-mailed, and listings for newly available spaces were not found by searching online each morning, but updated by daily telephone inquiries to building agents or canvassing a building and noting vacancies on index cards. Times Square was known primarily for Triple X Rated movie theaters and criminal activity, not as the home of the nation’s top Law Firms, Financial Institutions and Media Companies, and in order to ride the subway or take a bus, you needed a token, not a Metro Card.

Since that time, we have witnessed the evolution of the Internet, record breaking stock market runs, the explosive growth of the New Media, Technology, Entertainment and Social Network industries.

Kenneth Zund Realty Associates, Inc. was not a passive observer during this period of change and growth, but actively participated – serving its' clients by keeping abreast of shifts in the local and global markets, integrating emerging technologies and operating techniques within its' business platform, and constantly enhancing and adding to its' knowledge base and expertise.

And Now
Kenneth Zund Realty Associates, Inc. continues to be a successful player in the New York City commercial real estate market. We look at the business differently from our competitors as we assist clients in all stages of the real estate process. Whether we are representing property investors, sellers, owners or corporations seeking to expand or relocate their business, we utilize strategies that create value, minimize risk, and close deals. In addition to the latest technology and information systems, we believe in providing a hands-on working knowledge of the subject property, attention to even the smallest of details and a level of personal service that is unmatched by most national and regional commercial real estate firms. We train our associates in the art of sales, negotiation, financial analysis, and time management. Additionally, we cooperate with a network of professional affiliates that are experts in real estate law, construction, technology and design. We bring together a combination of these resources as determined by the particular requirements of our clients.

Finally, the honesty, professionalism, and expertise of each or our principals and associates is unsurpassed. Feel free to inquire about our reputation and level of service and expertise. Client references shall be gladly provided.

While we have earned a strong local reputation in transactional services during the past quarter century, we have not forgotten the importance of personal service and commitment to our clients.

First and foremost, we are in the business of helping our clients achieve their real estate goals.